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Flo Li Photography
Bring Conscious Love Through the Lens
Animals We Love
We share the earth with thses kindred spirits. Some might only touch our hearts for an instant, for that, we are forever connected, in love, together.
  1. Friends
  2. Champion
  3. Jimmy
  4. Tenner
  5. Keala
  6. Frog Style
    Frog Style
  7. It's Cool to be Green
    It's Cool to be Green
  8. New Mother
    New Mother
  9. Last Week of Jack
    Last Week of Jack
  10. Spring Fling
    Spring Fling
  11. Sakura
  12. Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee
  13. Tiny Tenders
    Tiny Tenders
  14. Sakura Hum
    Sakura Hum
  15. Desert Blooms
    Desert Blooms
  16. After the Tidal Wave
    After the Tidal Wave
  17. Seeker
  18. My Love
    My Love
  19. Purple Dream
    Purple Dream
  20. Lavender Bee
    Lavender Bee
This is Mary and Dulce. Their love transdences space and time and has been the source of inspiration for many. This photo was taken when Dulce was battling cancer and she crossed the rainbow bridge two weeks later. Their love remains. 
This is Emily and her kitty Jack. This photo was taken a month before Jack's passing over the rainbow bridge. You can see the love in Emily, she knew their love and bond will remain forever even after Jack is no longer here in physical form.
Even today this photo still makes me shed a few tears. The bonds in this photo is so clearly expressed without words, without emojis, without description. Enjoy your loved ones.
Conscious Love Through the Lens