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my healing journey with "blooming prayers"
Ten years ago I was in a serious cycling crash from a half-ironman race that nearly took my life. During my nearly three months of bed rest, I was forced by circumstances to go within - into an inner journey.

Like everyone else, initially I tried to fill the emptiness with books, TV, and self chatter. I even tried to avoid this space by self-injections of morphine. I had to keep on moving, keep on filling the void with things, thoughts, and endless doing True rest was never an option—or so I thought. I didn't want my hopeless darkness to consume me. So, during my inner journey, I examined my thoughts and my dreams. I closely watched the symbols in my dreams that seemed to have come out of nowhere.

I remember clearly one night the sweetness of a dream completely shifted my dark hopelessness into a bright wonder and awe. At the time, the road rash all over my body was unbearable. I had to endure the stench of my rotting flesh, the pain, the itch, the flies, my inability to lay on my side, bathe, or use the toilet.  It all became unbearable. I was in such a dark place that it seemed there was no way out. Somehow this torture got me tired and I finally was able to fall asleep. I dreamt.  In my dream, I was at a party. As I walked in, strangers came by to say hello and each gifted me with a pot of blooming flowers. Each pot had only one or two blooms. The party felt energized, loving, and peaceful. At the end of the gathering, I finally met one person I knew – KK – he told me he organized the party for me, and he hoped I would receive their gifts. I remember feeling extremely touched in my dream. As I began to examine each pot of flowers closely, I felt each single bloom represented something more. I was in awe gazing into each of the blooms and I felt myself glow with sweetness, peace, and love.

The next day I told KK (a member of our cycling team) about my dream. He was surprised, and said everyone in the cycling community was concerned about my recovery. So he set up a prayer circle in his church. The prayers included each person praying for a quality of my healing - such as courage, understanding, forgiveness, guidance, beauty, serenity, or  love. I was amazed. In my dream, each of their individual prayers appeared to me as a different blooming flower – and all blossoms looked and felt like the sweetness of pink and purple.

​My healing accelerated after this dream and the depth I reached within my own psyche and spirit allowed me to heal better than anticipated.

Conscious Love Through the Lens