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Flo Li Photography
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Glowing Love / Joy Captured

Hello friends! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Flo, short for Florence. I am an artist and a photographer. I like to capture moments of natural joy through the lens and save these memories for a lifetime.
I started taking photos at the age of 7. My father had a home-built camera and we used our bathroom as a dark room to develop our own black and white photos. Now at the age of 39, I am always looking for natural beauty everywhere I go. I have found it in everything, and everyone.
With each photography session, it is an opportunity to look within and find that place of peace. This is the ground of our work/play together. We start from a simple meditation on the beach, then we run, play, and enjoy making splashes in the refreshing ocean as it washes away our hardness, sadness, and fear - leaving us only with glowing beauty.
So many people told me that they hated seeing photos of themselves. That is because they haven't seen good photos of themselves. We do not look our best when we are anxious, worried, or sad. Instead, when we are naturally joyful, then we are radiant with endless beauty. The key to a good photo is to be completely comfortable and at ease. That is my offering for you - a time to just be, a time to relax, have fun, and play in the sand. Then I will capture your natural radiance to remind you of how beautiful you truly are.

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Conscious Love Through the Lens